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Stress Hiatus

February 14th, 2008 | Category: Non-Stories

The delays in  Aldain have a number of causes, but right now, I just don’t have time for good ol’ Aldain, as much as it does pain me to have to say that. In addition to that, I’d filled up my old notebook and have just now got a new one to write more Aldain in. I’ll try and get back on schedule next week. Sorry about this.



Delay Again

February 08th, 2008 | Category: Non-Stories

I may end up just officially moving the second update day to “sometime on the weekend.” That aside, there will be two chapters of Aldain posted by Wednesday, just like there were this week.

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Aldain, Ch. 23

February 06th, 2008 | Category: Aldain

The clothes are perfect beyond my expectations. The tunic, coat, and trousers are made entirely from silk; they’re slate grey and crimson red–the traditional colors of Carlislander exile. Also included are a pair of boots and a sword belt, both made from durable, supple red leather. Those two are an unexpected addition, since they were not part of my original request. There is no cape or cloak, though. That, too, is part of the exile’s clothing restrictions.  Turing has outdone himself, and that’s just the base materials.

I slip into magesight and examine closely the spells that have been woven into the fabric. The silk has been heavily enhanced, making it even more durable than usual. “Spell sinks” placed at a few strategic points will bleed off excess magical energy, keeping me from harm if a spell goes wrong. The belt and boots are both enchanted to be resistant to wear and stronger than their flexibility would naturally allow.

Looking deeper into the box I find there is something I’ve missed. A pair of thin, well-fitting leather gloves, the same color as the boots and the belt. In addition to several spells worked into the material, the palms have an unusual pad sewn on over the leather.

“What is this?” I ask Turing, presenting my palm to him after slipping on a glove.

Turing smiles. “That’s a little mundane bonus. The material is specially textured and designed to keep your sword from slipping out of your hands. Or anything you grip for that matter. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.”

I smile, removing the glove and placing it back in the box with its mate, on top of the other clothes which I have folded and returned. “It is wonderful, Mr. Director. You’ve delivered everything I wanted and then some.”

“So does this mean you’re satisfied with your payment?”

I nod. “Very. More importantly, it significantly increases the chances of me surviving my encounter with Maxwell. That has to happen before I can teach your men.”

“Naturally. You’ll be departing in the morning, right?”


Turing nods approvingly, slowly standing and turning back around to face the window. When he stands, so do I.

“Lodgings for tonight have been arranged for you, Sorcerer. Simply talk to Corporal Bell, the young lady who brought you here. She’ll escort you to your quarters.”

I bow again, despite his back being toward me. “Thank you again, Director Turing. I promise I shall return as soon as I can.”


Aldain, Ch. 22

February 06th, 2008 | Category: Aldain

“Now that we can speak freely in person,” says Turing to me, “I’d like to confirm a few details of our arrangement.”

I nod. “Fair enough, though I thought that the terms were quite clear.”

Turing is quick to put me at ease. “I think they were too, Sorcerer. I’d just like to make sure we’re in agreement now so we don’t find out we’re not later.”

“Of course. Forgive me if I sounded rude.”

“Not at all.” His expression shifts, a previously unrevealed intensity suddenly appearing. “You have knowledge of magical techniques that, in the hands of my magicians, could very well help us end this war. The Elders are not prepared to have their own weapons turned against them.”

I nod. “Exactly. And I will teach your magicians as much as I can. However, before I can pass on Poxen’s teachings, I need to complete the task that my Mistress has set before me. And to help insure that. . .”

“You’ve asked for your payment in advance,” finishes Turing. “And you’ve requested something more practical than any sort of cash.”

“Exactly. That’s why I commissioned the clothes. Well-enchanted garments are something I am desperately short on, considering my position. Mostly because I have no head for enchantment and Maguerite is far too busy to do object-work for me, personally.”

Michael smiles and pulls a box from the bottom drawer of his desk. “Here you are, Sorcerer. They were tailored to the magical scans of your body you sent us. They should fit perfectly.”

I take the box and lift the lid almost reverently; what I find inside makes my breath catch momentarily.

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Aldain Status

February 01st, 2008 | Category: Non-Stories

Hey guys. I didn’t get a chance to write up the next Aldain yesterday because of homework, and I have work and improv tonight and a show in Hammond tomorrow. It might be as late as Sunday or Monday before the next Aldain chapter goes up. One way or another, by next Wednesday there should be two new ones posted.

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