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Sunday Upate 6

November 26th, 2007 | Category: Sunday Updates

The End of Sunday Update

I promise I’m not doing this because I’m out of cheesy horror movie titles.

. . .Well not just because I’m out of cheesy horror movie titles, anyway.

Moving on. By now any of you that give 2.5 shits have figured out that I’m not going to be finishing Solomon in time for NaNoWriMo. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away. I’ll be migrating the Solomon posts from the Blogger site to this one. After that I’ll be posting one chapter of Solomon every Sunday until I think it’s finished. Thus, no more Sunday Upates, at least not until Solomon runs its course.

Normal posting of Aldain resumes on Monday. Hopefully I can get Chapter 16 into a working, non-sucky form by that time.

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Sunday Update 5

November 04th, 2007 | Category: Sunday Updates

Sunday Forever

Monday’s Aldain update will be in the afternoon and/or evening. I might put regular Aldain updates on hold for this month due to my decision to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I’ve decided to try and pound out the first draft of Solomon. I’ll post chapters as I finish them to the blog I’ve made for NaNoWriMo here. After NaNo, I’ll probably post the second draft to this site, since I do have a Solomon Saga category set up and all.

Whether Aldain sees diminished posting (maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of MWF?) is discontinued for the month, or is kept to the same update schedule as before will depend on what the comments from the readers say. I’m pretty sure I can handle both NaNo and 3 Aldain Chapters a week, but if there’s no demand, I see no reason to.


Sunday Update 4

October 28th, 2007 | Category: Sunday Updates

The Updatening

So how about a word on how the world of the Solomon Saga intersects with the world of Aldain and why they’re both on one website?

Aldain’s world is the same physical Earth as the one that the Solomon Saga occurs on, just later in that universe’s life. In the aether, the multiverse, of Aldain’s story (and, therefore, the Solomon Saga) a realm has magic over the course of its existence. However, for roughly the first half of its being, a universe will be configured as such to only allow more “low magic” effects. As a universe grows older the magical underpinnings it is built on grow more complex. This allows, for roughly the second half of a universe’s existence, the production and use of “high magic” effects.

Yeah. Isn’t that interesting?

Stephen’s unique and flashy powers are a result of the increased complexity of the magic weave of the universe. Individuals experience high-magic abilities long before magicians at large do.

Aldain 13 goes up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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Sunday Update 3

October 21st, 2007 | Category: Sunday Updates

Revenge of Sunday Update

Again with the cheesy B-movie title. Not a lot of progress has been made on the Solomon stuff this week. Made a little progress on writing up characters for the story of Joshua and Iris (hereafter referred to as “the Cycles”). Mostly worked on Aldain.

Speaking of Aldain, the update might be a little later than midnight, but probably not much.

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Sunday Update 2

October 14th, 2007 | Category: Sunday Updates

Son of Sunday Update

That part in italics is a jokey subtitle, as if Sunday Update 2: Son of Sunday Update were the name of both this post and a bad horror movie sequel.


Some progress has been made on what I’ll now be calling “The Solomon Saga.” It will have at least two books. Those being Solomon, which follows some of the adventures of Jacob Absolom and the Seven, and Son of Solomon, which follows Stephen as he reunites the Seven after Jacob’s death to avenge his father’s death. Depending on how Son of Solomon turns out, there may be a third book or something, but I’m not sure.

Monday’s Aldain update may be a bit late, but it will be posted sometime on Monday. I just haven’t gotten the longhand finished quite yet, much less the typed post.

That’s all for now. Peace out.

-The Drewcifer

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Sunday Update

October 07th, 2007 | Category: Sunday Updates

My goal for now is to update Aldain’s story MWF and to post a new chapter of Stephen’s story every Sunday. I’ve got quite a bit of Stephen written out in longhand. However, the beginning needs a considerable overhaul. The narrative perspective (hereafter called the “camera”) starts out much more distant, almost third person omniscient instead of the third person limited that the bulk of the tale is written in. After the first few paragraphs, the camera “zooms in” on Stephen and we get into the TPL POV that I’m going for. I’m thinking about reworking the opening of the book entirely. Anyway. I’ll post progress reports on how Stephen’s doing every Sunday until I actually feel comfortable enough to start posting chapters.

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