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Dramatis Personae

September 24th, 2007 | Category: Background,The Solomon Saga

A little bit of background for the world of Stephen Absolom. This is just as much for me to figure some stuff out as it is to explain stuff to you, the reader.

First off, our cast:

Jacob Absolom (deceased): Stephen’s father. A demonologist, that is, one who uses demons as the primary source of power for his magic. Jacob went by the name “Solomon” among the rest of the Seven. (10 bonus points if you know why!) Jacob’s particular manner of harnessing demonic power involved binding and breaking the wills of demons. Jacob was not one to supplicate.

Stephen Absolom: Son of Jacob. Able to perform bizzare and nonstandard displays of magical power by drawing from the bones of the dead. It is unclear whether he has or will develop any ability with traditional spellcasting. The power granted by bones is almost always only useful for destructive means.

The Seven: Simple moniker adopted by Jacob Absolom and his six pactmates. Their symbol is a seven-pointed star. Like many mortal magicians, they use affected names rather than their real ones. Now united under the leadership of Stephen, the Seven are dedicated to helping Stephen in the vengeance he seeks.

Lucinda: One of the Seven. Specializes in light magics.

Mort: One of the Seven. A necromancer.

Vivian: One of the Seven. Specializes in healing magics and plant manipulation. (“Life” magics.)

Aidan: One of the Seven. Specializes in fire magics.

Felicity: One of the Seven. Specializes in luck manipulation.

Silver: One of the Seven. Specializes in mirror magic.

More background on how the magic in this world works as it occurs to me. I know it doesn’t have to be as strictly uniform as I’m probably trying to make it (it is magic after all), but I’d like to know how I’m going to handle it before I get too far into the story.

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