May 18

Summer Update

Category: Non-Stories

Hello everyone. It’ll probably come as no surprise that I’m not going to post any new Solomon or Aldain at the moment. My computer is in Lafayette, but I’m in Kokomo for the rest of May. As such, I have to move from computer to computer as my family members stop using them. As a consequence, I have no central location to keep notes, etc. However, I do have some ideas for little vignettes and whatnot. If you’re into my stuff, your best bet is to keep a wary eye on my Blogger site, which one can navigate to using my links.

Once I get back into West Lafayette, I’m going to spend a few days with a PHP manual and Paul’s theme for the SoF website. I think I might be able to trick WordPress into allowing me to set up more than one main loop, just like Paul did. If I can swing it, I’ll have three loops: Solomon, Aldain, and everything else. If nothing else, I think I can figure out how he got his “Previous/Next in News” and “Previous/Next in Events” to navigate to the prev/next in the category as opposed to the chronology. Maybe. I have some ideas of how to do it, but no concrete knowledge of PHP. (Paul, if you’re listening and what I’m attempting is just crazy, please feel free to tell me.)

So that’s where we are, Readers. I hope you’ll stick with me.

-The Drewcifer


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  1. Paul Kuliniewicz May 18th, 2008 9:55 pm

    The double-main-loop hackery in the SoF WordPress theme should be extensible to a triple-main-loop setup without too much trouble. In fact, it’d probably be a bit easier: extra tricks are needed to show all the events scheduled for the next day there are events scheduled for, instead of just showing the next event.

    In addition to learning PHP, you’ll also want to read up a bit on WordPress themes and how they work. The double-main-loop hack depends on knowing what the main loop is doing, and fiddling with it a bit behind its back.

    Also, be careful when searching for PHP resources out on the web; a lot of PHP code out there is so poorly written as to be WTF-worthy.

  2. Andrew May 18th, 2008 10:02 pm

    Thanks Paul! When I next get in a hacky mood (which always seems to happen when I’m away from the computer), I’ll be sure to utilize those resources. I haven’t clicked on anything yet, but is there a step-by-step sample guide on building a WordPress theme? That is, one that walks you through creating your own generic theme. Because I’ve found that that is the way for me to learn any sort of programming language.

  3. Paul Kuliniewicz May 19th, 2008 8:59 pm

    The page on the WordPress Codex I linked to should cover the basics, and link to the more advanced material. Looking at the code for the stock themes might help, since they shouldn’t be doing anything too crazy.

    Fortunately, the way WordPress does themes, you can make a basic yet functional theme with very little code, and then build things up from there by adding new files for more specialized functions.

    I highly suggest setting up a scratch install of WordPress to play around with your new theme on, since you probably don’t want your initial attempts exposed for all to see on your live site.

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